Hi, I’m Katarina

I am a motion graphics designer and illustrator, born in Slovenia. For 5 years I worked as a generalist graphic designer for various companies around the world and consequently lived in Cyprus, Indonesia, and Belgium.

In 2020 I made the jump into the full-time freelancing world and specialised in the field of motion design, which is my true passion.

I am available for freelance or contract work, both remotely and on-site. Please feel free to get in contact with a new project, idea or just to say hello. I will be happy to hear from you!

+386 31 297 601
My services
Ways I can help you
Explainer videos
“Who We Are” videos, process videos, how-to videos, demo videos, spots/commercials
Social media content
Social media campaigns/series, instagram stories
Logo animation
Video intros & outros, looping logo animation, logo animation for web/apps (.json file)
Infographic animation
Animated graphs/charts, data visualization
Website icons and headers, animated stickers, show intros, video enhancement
My mission
My mission is to visually communicate stories that will positively impact individuals, communities and the environment.
My values
The things I hold close
Live sustainably and support sustainability in the world
I find my peace in pure nature and I want to live my life in a way that respects and protects the environment.
Be creative and live playfully
I'm alive to create, and I create to feel alive. But playing is at the heart of it all.
Stay open & curious
I love to try new things and have a general appreciation for unusual ideas. To me, being open means exploring the world, learning, evolving and staying in touch with my feelings.
Sharing expertise in the community
I have a big respect for people who are experts at something and a kind of adoration for the ones that share their expertise with the community. I aspire to be one of them.