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Easter animation
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Character design
Katarina Šeme
Katarina Šeme
Personal project

About the project

I first designed and animated this chicken character in the year 2016. It was a part of my final project at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design. The project was a website that was exploring internet mysteries, riddles, and games. Naturally, the website itself was a place full of hidden content and Easter eggs. The original character served as a main icon on the landing page but its role did not end there - its persona was also an Easter egg in one of the subpages.

As I really like this crazy chicken-pretending-to-be-a-bunny I brought it back to life in time to celebrate Easter 2020 with a fun gif.

Landing page of my final project. You can still explore it here

Old character

Re-designed character

Watch the whole story with sound!

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