Slovenian Paralympic Committee
Fresh look of the Slovenian paralympic team - rebrand video reveal
Full rebrand video reveal for Slovenian Paralympic Committee
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Dejan Šmid
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Slovenian Paralympic Committee
Slovenian Paralympic Committee

About the project

The Slovenian Paralympic team needed a new logo.

The previous logo was difficult to use: poor visibility when zoomed in, poor visibility in advertisements, it was less suitable for use on social networks, online, it had poorly carved CGP (no secondary elements, typical advertisement, the athlete was looking back (to the left), …

Once the rebrand and all the elements were final, I was approached to prepare the animation for a big reveal of the new look.

Old and new logo / rebrand by Dejan Šmid



I received new brand guidelines, pictograms of the parasport disciplines, videos footage of the paralympics in action and some photos of promotional material with a new logo. My role was to prepare the video that would successfully showcase the rebrand and show it in a most amiable way.

Capture from a footage

Based on the visual guidelines and received materials I worked on the storyboard and finalised it, all along collaborating with the designer Dejan Šmid, who worked on the redesign itself.

Some pages from the first storyboard

In the video we wanted to stress the achievements and a long continuity of the Slovenian paralympic team and that a rebrand will only support the growth and development that the committee has experienced in the past years.

New logo applied to digital environment

We also wanted to show different applications of the new logo - such as in a digital environment, on billboards, posters, stationeries, promotional materials etc.

Finished animation

The animation followed the new brand guidelines and I timed it perfectly to the selected upbeat and inspiring music. In the video I presented the rebrand, the thinking behind it (explaining some of the design choices) and showing a new logo in action.

The video was presented at a big paralympic event, where both the officials and the athletes enjoyed in a big rebrand reveal.

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