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Animotion studio
Katarina Šeme
Ravenwood packaging

About the project

I was approached by Animotion studio to help them work on the explainer video for their client. My role was to follow the prepared storyboard and animate the text, illustrations and transitions. The client had a very specific brand guidelines that included their peculiar-looking mascot and had expressed a wish that the video happens in the space and looks a little bit like Star Wars opening.

Picture of a mascot


Opening screen image

I received the storyboard that was prepared by the team at Animotion and approved by the client. I closely followed the brand guidelines and their expressed wishes for this project.

Market sectors image

The process of animation was quite straightforward. I had reported back to the team whenever I finished a part of the video, to keep a team and a client in a loop and receive a timely feedback.

Finished animation

The client was happy with my work and only minor changes were requested for a couple of the scenes.

This was a fun project and very enjoyable to work on. Clients who know what they want and who know how to express it get what they want and they get it quickly.

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