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Tinta Comics Festival
Animated posters for Tinta Comics Festival
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Tinta Comics Festival
Moa Romanova, Oskars Pavlovskis, Brecht Evens, Atak
Katarina Šeme
Tinta Comics Festival

About the project

The International TINTA Comics Festival, which takes place every October at Kino Šiška and other venues in Ljubljana and elsewhere in Slovenia, is the central comics event in Slovenia.

By hosting established foreign comics creators and experts, it provides insight into the lively international scene and trends in the field of contemporary comics in the world, and it aims to develop, expand and deepen the domestic comics creativity and scene.

Festival team prepared a few posters to promote the event and by including illustrations from the guest comics creators the festival received a colorful and interesting look, that was very rich in style and approach.

My role was to animate the static posters to further increase interest of the general public in the TINTA Comics Festival. The animated posters were primarily intended for public display in the city centre of Ljubljana, however, they were also used on the events’ web page and social media channels.

Original static poster for the event (Illustration by Oskars Pavlovskis for Kuš!)


I have received 4 already set static posters from organisers to use as a matrix for animated posters. Separately I got four (4) original illustrations (that were used in the posters) from the comics authors - that was necessary to create high quality animation.

The illustrations came in as flat high resolution images, but not animation ready. I had to cut out all the moving elements (elements I wanted to animate), place them on their own separate layers and repaint the backgrounds in the authors’ styles before I was able to move to the stage of animation.

Process of cutting out and recoloring the background

After the animation for each of the posters was done, I had to combine it with the animated text. The disclaimer with all the logotypes and descriptions had to be incorporated in the animated image.

I realized that the display size for the animated poster differs from the size of the provided static poster and I had to make a few adjustments to the original poster design with the approval of the organising team.

Final animated TINTA posters

Brecht Evens animated poster
Atak animated poster
Kuš! animated poster
Moa Romanova animated poster
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