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Katarina Šeme
Katarina Šeme
Katarina Šeme
Kaja Hatha Yoga

About the project

Kaja is a young yoga teacher who recently moved to Brussels, Belgium. She believes yoga can do good to everybody, no matter their age or level of fitness and that we can find the best support within our neighborhood communities. Kaja aspires to offer yoga lessons to those that maybe never even considered yoga before and those that look for a yoga class close to their home. She specifically wanted to invite diverse micro-communities living in her neighborhood.

Aim of the project

Aim of this project is to promote Kaja’s yoga lessons to diverse groups living in the neighborhood and make them all feel welcome to try out something new.

Data from Brussels institute for statistics and analysis


Rough sketches of characters

To illustrate that the yoga classes are really meant for everyone I designed a set of characters that would support this communication.

The characters are based on a minimalistic contour while the shapes are filled with flat, calm colors that help evoke feelings of relaxation, meditation, and peace.

To make yoga feel truly accessible to everyone, I decided to avoid the cliches such as a good looking woman doing impossible poses and expensive-looking typography set in gold colours.

As a result, I chose to only use my custom illustrations and modern, sans serif font in all of the design applications.

Finished character designs


Facebook page with animated content and designed post templates.
Flyers & posters to promote the classes in bars, shops, and community centers.
Beautiful stickers for the interior glass wall of the studio.
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